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"Thank you for services rendered during our brief visit to Chicago a few weeks ago. The guide, Mr. Bozeman, was excellent. His delivery was both historically passionate and informative. We were held spell bound by his accounts of things and people, and his extensive knowledge. He was one of the best guides that we encountered during the entire mid-western excursion. Congratulations on your company’s professional expertise so evident in your choice of a guide."

Virgie M. Washington
VMW Guided Tours

"For three consecutive years the Silverstones, the Older Adult Ministry at Cornerstone United Methodist Church in New Orleans, LA selected AMTRAK as the mode of transportation for their out-of-town excursions. Laurel, MS, Memphis, TN and this year we choose Chicago, IL as the city to visit. AMTRAK was chosen because of the many comforts and conveniences as well as to fulfill a lifelong dream for any who had never travled by rail.

As chairperson of this ministry several concerns needed to be addressed so that all would have a pleasant, enjoyable experience. I contacted Barbara Morris of Black CouTours in Chicago, a tour agency that i located on the Internet and a more professional, knowledgeable organization could not have been found to plan our AMTRAK adventure.

Ms. Morris exceeded our expectations. She ordered our AMTRAK tickets, updating information as needed, made reservations at The Seneca Hotel, restaurants, the theater, and purchased tickets for a cruise on Lake Michigan, a buggy ride along Lakeshore Drive, sightseeing and other cultural events.

Prior to our departure for Chicago, Ms. Morris mailed each of us a personalized brochure with important, interesting facts about Chicago and other cities along the route. We were assured of a wonderful experience aboard AMTRAK as well as a great time in Chicago.

Though the "City of New Orleans" was late arriving in Chicago, Ms, Morris was awaiting the group in the terminal with a large sign "SILVERSTONES" so she could easily be located to escort us to the motorcoach. (This being no small feat if one were to compare the size of Chicago's terminal with the one in New Orleans).

We each recieved a tote bag filled with memorabillia of Chicago as well as a personalized button indentifying us as visitors from New Orleans on a Black CouTours Excursion. Our AMTRAK adventure has been recommended to their groups in the city, one of which has already made plans to travel to Memphis, TN. Thanks to Black CouTours, the Silverstones are now making plans for their AMTRAK Adventure, 2005."

Lenora Gray, Chairperson
The Silverstones

Our biggest compliment: Seniors who’ve lived in Chicago all their lives and get off the bus with a tear in their eye telling us “I never know all that about our people in Chicago.” If we don’t tell it, who will.

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